Haskell Foundation
A non-profit for driving improvements in the tools, libraries, community, and adoption of the Haskell programming language.


  • J Ricardo

    J Ricardo

    I love programming | Amo la programación | 我爱编程 | Jag älskar programmering | Mo ni ife siseto | Amo programmazione | Я люблю программирование | أنا أحب البرمجة

  • Scott Fleischman

    Scott Fleischman

  • Luis Bravo

    Luis Bravo

  • Ong Yi Ren

    Ong Yi Ren

    FP Enthuasist.

  • Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    Software engineer, volunteer K-12 math and computer science teacher, author of the CodeWorld platform, amateur ring theorist, and Haskell enthusiast.

  • Nitin Borwankar

    Nitin Borwankar

    Data and Math geek. Pusher of envelopes. Connector of dots. Creator of LearnDataScience http://learnds.com Amateur standup comic.

  • Camila Vasquez

    Camila Vasquez

  • Gabriel de la Calzada

    Gabriel de la Calzada

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